Lincoln Miral

Captain of The Ion


Served a compulsory military service as part of the Human alliance infantry. Received a battlefield promotion to lieutenant and service with distinction, earning several awards. Was consider by his superiors to be natural leader, and tagged for further promotion. However, he had a falling out with immediate commanders when he accused them of graft and corruption, and frequently reeived red marks on his 105IP form for promotion. After 5 years of service he received an honorable discharge and left military service.

Know as Linc, he took a job as a deck hand on the star freighter North Star, and after two trips was training as a navigator and pilot. On his third trip aboard the North Star he discovered the captain was selling information to the Orcs. Enraged, Linc attempted a mutiny. The crew split after a bloody fight and his band was unable to gain control of the ship. They were marooned on the desert planet Sandnas.

No one knows how, but Linc reappeared in Modesta 2 years later as the owner of his own starship, the Ion, looking to hire out. It is whispered that he sold-out his fellow mutineers to the Orcs is to make good on his escape, or turned cannibal.

Business has not been good, his reputation has been trashed, and Linc is willing to accept any job just to put food on the table and gas in the tank—some legal, some not so much. But he has an uncanny ability to get things done that others said were imposable, and is often the last best chance for many with no place else to turn. He is prone to bouts of depression, and when not on a job is often found in the pub.

Editor’s Note: The treacherous captain of the North Star, Korab Bohannon, was never tried for his crimes. Shortly after the mutiny attempt, the Orcs grew bored with Bohannon and his often-fruitless information; they captured him and his crew and enslaved them. Their status is unknown to this day.

Lincoln Miral

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