An ascetic who acts as primary healer for the crew of the Ion.


Bald-headed, with symmetrical black tattoos surrounding his eyes and scalp. Standard uniform is a simple gray habit. Entirely mute due to injuries sustained in childhood, he wears a thought-activated voice synthesizer collar, as the new government requires all members of a Eridu Cell retrieval team to have the capacity to speak. He still doesn’t say much, however. Primary role aboard the Ion is healer. His nature is volatile; while usually reserved and solemn he can also be disturbingly vicious when forced into a corner, but has passed all required psychiatric evaluations as suitable for space travel. Gargoyle has a love of music, preferring to play a pennywhistle on occasion. Like most surviving human ascetics, he seems to follow a unique religion centered on a singular deity, and chose the name Gargoyle for himself, stating (after much pressing by interviewers) that it represents “stone-stillness and useful service”, as well as an association with the ancient holy structures that once dotted Earth. He remembers being evacuated from the planet shortly after being orphaned during the razing of Los Angeles.

Often referred to by a shortened name: Goyle.


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